Magic is everywhere


"Dessa vez eu não olhei pra trás "

in case of emergency

you were always there,you know? your hand was the one he could count on. But he wouldn’t walk with yours hands together, he would only take it in case of need. he couldn’t see you everyday. you pray for him, you worry about how he is doing and he can not even see you.
you are only seen as a rebounce girl. only in case of emergency.  you are not good enough as number 1. 

express yourself. the stage is where we feel the most powerfull cause you can show the truth about you


i had a dream last night. it was about my old ‘you’. It scared the hell out of me I cannot let myself think about it. And have been able not to think for years now, but everytime it seems it’s going free I panic. I know I can’t control my dreams and it doesn’t mean much but I feel it could my old feelings. Although awake I feel nothing I’m afraid it might come back. Maybe is silly and I hope it is. 


I was lost and I found you. You was the only way to find myself.

a draw of me

im feeling kind of lost. my wishes are all about love and kisses. I think about having you in my bed right next to me after a beautiful night. My heart keep screaming how much I wish you were here just to say ”good morning”. I used to be this whole different and innocent girl and right now I wish you could draw my body and my soul with your your kindness and talent. I can already see a image of me exhaling love,happiness and trust. You are the only one who I would be able to open up this much, you’re the ONLY one with I can be myself and feel confident about the way I’m. With this cofession I hope to see my drawing by the dawn. 

with all my love,

your baby. 

a girl growing old

(in memoriam of snow white. rip bruna)

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